My awesome coworker just put a gameboy simulator on my phone and my tablet and I seriously have like 1000+ games like holy shit swimming in the games right now

This is the greatest thing ever.

Also, for the first time ever last night, I washed my hair with a cleansing conditioner and then a heavier conditioner that I don’t normally use, and the result was fantastic.

My curls are huge and bouncy and springy and soft.

I mean, I don’t have greasy hair at all so I don’t need the harsh detergents in most shampoos.

WOOOOOO no more shampoo. Sucks because I bought 4 big liter bottles of shampoo and 5 liter bottles of conditioner from the matrix biolage stage at premier when I went because they were $3 a piece. I mean I’ll use the conditioner, but idk what to do with the shampoo.

I guess I could give it to my sister and her girls.

Woo super curly spiral hairss

Whoops. Went into work like 6 hours early.

Now I’m sitting here looking at a list of the most basic bitch tattoos. It’s crazy how many people I know with literally the exact same tattoos.

Who wants to come to Nashville with me so we can seek out the smokiest of bars and drink jack and coke and listen to the best blues music of my fucking life all while eating enough barbecue to kill a full grown man?

This is all I want.

Blues-cation 2015.

I feel lied too, but I’m also pretty stoked.

Turns out I don’t like Avicii.

I like Dan Tyminski.

All this time I thought someone in that group had that voice I loved in the ‘Hey, Brother’ song.

Nope, they just had a bluegrass singer on their track.

Should’ve known.

My gums feels tingly…

So I’m allergic to apples and pears.

It’s been about 4 years since I’ve found this out.

I haven’t had an apple in four years.

My mom brought home apples from the farmer’s market today, and…they just look so perfect.

So I accidentally just devoured one really quick. Like this was under a minute.

Hope I don’t die, but if I do, that apple was worth it.

So I made a Rosemary-Lavender hair…balm? Using my lavender oil that I made and some rosemary oil that I made with rosemary that I got at this store called the Grainary. Even if it’s not that beneficial to my hair, it still smells amazing. But I mean, it could be beneficial, who knows? My bet is that it’ll make it pretty damn shiny.

Day 45 of waiting on Lush to get it’s shit together. I think I’ve been pretty patient. I understand that everything that has been done was done by a pretty incompetent, since demoted store manager. But now that they have some new leadership in there, I really don’t think this should be that much of an issue.

Either bring people on board or don’t, but let them know what’s going on beyond a ‘touching base’ email?

Like wtf I really wanted to work for this company because I’ve heard such amazing things but this is pretty ridiculous.

I used math (outside of class) literally for the first time today (beyond basic adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division) since I’ve graduated high school.

I’ve been out of school for four years.

And funnily enough, I scribbled it on the back of a thank you card that I got in a set of grad announcements that I still use as scrap paper.

Remy literally has clearly discernable gaits, like a horse.

Silly little fluff butt.